Wellness and Vaccinations

As your pet’s caretaker, you are charged with the duty of keeping them happy and healthy for as many years as possible. Fortunately, you are not alone. Our comprehensive wellness services are designed to extend the number of years you get to share with your loved one, and exponentially improve the quality of those years.

Wellness visits for your pet are very similar to the annual checkups that your own doctor recommends. During a visit, the veterinarian will recommend a thorough physical exam of your pet, making sure everything is functioning just as it should be.

To further analyze your companion’s health status, we may also recommend running a few routine diagnostic tests, such as blood work or urinalysis. This helps us obtain the clearest, most accurate picture of your pet’s condition.

Another important part of wellness exams is the preventative measures we take to protect your loved one against many of the dangers they will encounter during everyday life. We will determine precisely what your pet’s unique risk factors are, and then use this information to develop a customized plan that includes vaccinations, parasite control, nutrition and more. The more proactive we are about your pet’s health, the more we will be able to extend that health over time.

Routine wellness visits are also an important tool in identifying the signs of medical problems early. When we are able to examine your pet at least once a year, we are better able to recognize the subtle signs of illness and address it quickly, before it has a chance to progress and worsen. This can vastly improve the outcome for your pet. It’s also a much more cost effective approach for you, since managing disease in its earliest stages is typically much less expensive than treating it once it’s developed.

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