Keeping your pet’s teeth and gums clean, healthy and disease-free plays an important role in their overall health and longevity. We want to help your pet beat the odds and enjoy a fresh mouth for life, but we need your help! By making a commitment to annual professional dental care, and brushing your pet’s teeth at home, we can work together to keep plaque, tartar, and dental disease at bay.

We encourage starting your pet on a healthy dental regimen early, because this allows us to take preventative measures to keep the teeth clean and prevent buildup, decay and disease.. Regular, thorough dental cleanings are the best way to both prevent and treat dental disease.

Dental cleanings for your pet are similar to those you receive with your own dentist. The only difference is, since we can’t get our patients to say “ahhh”, we must place them under general anesthesia. This shortens the procedure and it also reduces the level of stress as well as any discomfort your pet may otherwise experience during dental procedures.

Signs of a possible dental problem include:

  • Excessive drooling
  • Bad breath
  • Broken or missing teeth
  • Swollen or bleeding gums
  • Changes in chewing habits (dropping food, sudden disinterest in chew toys)
  • Pawing at the face
  • Obvious pain when touched near the mouth area

These are signs that warrant a dental exam for your pet – and the sooner the better. You want your pet to enjoy a long, healthy life and so do we! Let’s work together to improve the odds by staying on top of your loved one’s dental health. We’ll have your pet smiling pretty for many years to come!

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